International FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to CLCS and when is the deadline?
Applications can be downloaded directly from here, or they can be requested by mail. All pages marked “return to CLCS” as well as translated transcripts and a copy of the first page of the passport are to be sent in either by mail or courier service along with a $100 application fee. For the fall term, our deadline is open through the summer as space is available, but July 30th is the general deadline date. Those applying for spring term must have their applications in by January 1st or earlier.

Does your school offer ESL?
All basic core curriculum courses- Social studies, English, Math. All ESL classes are taught by certified ESL teachers.

Is CLCS just a language school?
NO. CLCS is a standard private high school in the state of Texas. We are Accredited through the International Christian Accrediting Association (ICAA) and members of: Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) International Christian Accrediting Association (ICAA), Advanced ED. Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS). CLCS is made up primarily of Americans with a 20% International boarding school student population. There are few schools with this ratio remaining in American today.

How long does it take to process an application and receive an I-20?
Once an application is received; it is reviewed by the admissions committee and decided upon for acceptance. The student or agency is then notified by e-mail of acceptance. An invoice is e-mailed along with CLCS’s bank routing information and the student or agency is required to submit payment of 1 full semester plus refundable room deposit by wire transfer. CLCS will then send the I-20 and other admission documents by DHL delivery, which takes 2 or 3 days to arrive.

Are English proficiency tests required such as TOEFL or SLEP?
We do not require TOEFL but gladly accept SLEP test results if they are available. This is not a requirement and an English-proficiency test will be given once a student has arrived.

What type of visa does CLCS issue? Can I use a J1 visa at CLCS?
CLCS issues the I-20 for the F1 student visa, which is for multiple years. The J1 visa is a student exchange visa that is only good for one academic year and is usually used by a standard public school. CLCS does not issue J1 visas nor do we get involved in trying to switch a student from a J1 to an F1 visa. We are strictly F1.

What is your policy for refunds?
The application fee is not refundable if a student is denied a visa for any reason, CLCS will return 100% of the paid tuition by wire transfer.
Once a student has arrived and enrolled at CLCS, the current semester is not refundable.
CLCS does reserve the right to charge a late withdrawal fee in the amount of 1/4 of the tuition if adequate time and communication is not given before a withdrawal.

What is the percentage of international students at CLCS?
This year we will welcome more International Students than years before and our percentage will go from 20% to 40%. The increase we expect in American students the following year will bring the percentage down to 30% in 2012-2013.

What is the percentage of graduates who matriculate into university?
First, we have a 100% graduation rate and our graduate to university ratio is 97.5% !

What is the percentage of graduates who matriculate into university?
This year we will begin giving each International Student an I Pad2 upon their arrival. It is not required for a student to have a laptop. Many of our students do bring their own laptops and we have wireless Internet on campus and in the dormitories. We also have a computer lab for those without laptops as well as computers in the dormitory study areas and in the student center.

Does CLCS offer home stay for international students?
Yes. We have screened, quality families who have opened their homes to our students. They give more than sufficient space and privacy for each student. We also offer mini-dorms, which are homes, that families have built space for up to 6 students to be together in both an American home and a dormitory setting. Mini-dorm space is limited and slightly higher in tuition cost.

When do the dormitories close?
Our families open their homes to students during the school year and consider them family, not guests, during the school holidays such as our Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks. CLCS usually offers some kind of planned trip during Spring break, but it is optional and does cost extra. Boys/girls may not plan a trip to stay together during these breaks.
A calendar of the school year is available on CLCS’s website for downloading and planning.
All travel should be arranged around the proper dates of the school calendar. Students should not leave earlier or return later than the specified dates. Doing so will affect the students overall grades and cost more for the travel fee.

What airports are in Houston, is airport transportation available?
Yes, CLCS has transportation available. Houston has 2 major airports (IAH) & (HOU).

What are the requirements for graduation?
In order to graduate from CLCS the student should have the following credit requirements:
Bible: 4 units
English: 4 units
Mathematics: 4 - 5 units
Algebra I
Geometry (Algebra I)
Algebra H (Algebra I, Geometry)
Advanced Math - Trig. and
Pre-cal (Algebra II)
Calculus (Advanced Math)
Science: 4 units
Integrated Physics and
Chemistry (IPC)
Biology Chemistry (Biology I, Algebra I)
Physics (Chemistry I, Algebra II)
Honors Science - determined yearly
Social Studies: 4 units
World Geography
World History
United States History
U. S. Government: 1/2 unit
Economics: 1/2 unit
Computer Technology: 1 unit
Speech: 3/4 unit
Health: 1/2 unit
Physical Education/Sports: 1 1/2 units
Foreign Language: 2 units
Electives: 2 1/2 units
Please note: student placement will depend on the amount of credits a student has earned at other schools before arriving at CLCS. Not all credits will transfer. Certain courses are required by the State of Texas to graduate.

What airports are in Houston, is airport transportation available?
Yes we do! From another American school, most credits will transfer. The same is true for a good majority of international schools. An international student studying at another American school that holds an I-20 for the F1 student visa must also have his I-20 transferred from that school to CLCS. We will assist in the process.

Is CLCS a religious school?
CLCS welcomes students of all faiths. CLCS is definitely a Christian school and believes that faith in God is the foundation for a healthy, well rounded life.

Is CLCS a religious school?
Registration? $100 non refundable Books? No additional cost- included.
Uniforms? Students must purchase upon arrival and replace as needed
School trips? No additional cost- except for Spring break trip or mission’s trips.
Sports/activity/material fees etc.? No additional cost - included in tuition
Average cost of daily lunches purchased on campus? 3 daily meals provided (student pays for own snacks or meals that they choose to not eat at school or host home).

Graduation/diploma/foreign language requirements.
Are the graduation/diploma requirements for international students the same as for domestic students? (Do you waive the foreign language requirement?)
Texas requires two of the following fine arts credits: foreign language, art or music. The student’s native language courses generally fulfill the 2 fine arts credit requirements.

Graduation/diploma/foreign language requirements.
APPLICATION FEE: All students………………$100.00
INTERNATIONAL FEE 2011/2012 $29,000.00

A minimum of 1 semester (US dollars) must be received by CLCS before an I-20 will be issued to international students. The remainder of the tuition is due by January 15th.
If entire school year is paid by July 15th, there will be a $1,000 tuition discount ($28,000). We accept as late as July 30th for the fall semester and we also accept at semester.
Agents Receive:
$2,000 Per new student
$1,800 each year student returns