Today with children becoming more technologically advanced where they do not want to study with the traditional pen and paper but want a little technological aspect to help them answer, especially when it comes to learning maths. There are many apps which will help by solving maths problems with the click of a button.


This is the best app where you can use augmented reality to help you solve mathematical problems. All you have to do is point your camera towards a piece of paper with an equation, and the problem will find a solution almost instantly.


This is an iOS app which comes with an equation solver; you can type or snap a picture of the equation and app process the whole equation and the photo you use will also be saved in the gallery. The only limitation of this app is that it does not support the equations which have brackets.


This is a paid version of the of Photomath which can solve a wide range of equation. There are many learning modules in this version which can help you learn the problems much better. This is available for both iOS and Android.

MyScript Calculator

This app can be used for basic maths, which can help you find square roots, cube roots and basic arithmetic. This apps works by recognizing handwriting, which later is analyzed, and the input is produced accurately.


PCalc is a scientific calculator which you can find easily in the iOS app store. This one of the perfect app which you can use to perform any calculations. This version is available for free as well if you want to try it before buying.

Scientific calculators

This is one of the best alternatives for you if you are trying to find answers for trigonometry, logarithms, exceptional functions which gives you the answer in no time, this especially good as an engineering calculator, but if you having difficulty solving any maths question you can easily take help from online services like mymathlab answers, for much better results.

Graphing calculator

This is a graphing calculator which will help you by solving any graphical equations. Android users can use this calculator for free, but if you want a better version of the calculator, it will set you back almost $100 dollars. This app is great if you want to look at the graph while you are working with the equation to ensure everything is working as intended. Even with all the best efforts, this calculator is not useful to all, but the features will make it easier for the people working on it.