Finding it hard to focus on God?

The world today is running rather than walking. There are numerous things that are distracting us from our God. Most of these things aren’t bad. However, we can’ t allow these things to take us away from our God.That’s so so wrong. This separation from the creator does lead us to wrong paths in the long run. This only takes us further away from him.

Being connected with God is necessary. But, how achieve that?

To be in touch with God, we need to identify and avoid the things that distract us from him. Understand the fact that we are not some Catholic saints to be so focused in living an ultimate holy life. So here are the common things that distract us from God.

1. Ourselves

Isn’t it ironical that we want God but we ourselves distract us from him? We’re humans. We’ve got problems and emotions. We’re sad at times and happy at others. We’re too much into ourselves and sometimes that makes us lose the track of God. Although our God wants us to love ourselves, that’s not all that he wants. He also wants us to love other beings and him as well. So if you find yourself too much self-indulged, remind yourself that you need God.

2. Work

Work is worship. Yes but not up to a point where you worship only in your office.The world today is materialistic and we all need money. We work as hard as we can to earn well. Even the kids are working hard to be able to earn later. So the work is another thing that takes us away from God. It’snot that we need to stop working but we need time when our mind thinks of God and not work. Manage your time to have some for praying.

3. Technology

Haven’t you seen people glued to their mobile phones all the time? That’s the impact technology has on us. This is a major distraction not only from God but other important things as well. Every day there’s launched some new phone, or TV, or computer, or something else. They keep on updating technology and we want the latest. It’s better to understand your needs and curb your desires. Focus less on these and more on God.

4. Media

When done with work, we want entertainment. We like to recreate in different ways. We might watch television, or read a book, or play a sport, and even more. This is what we plan for our holidays or whenever we get some free time. Although it’s great to have a little break from life, it shouldn’t make us forget our God. He should always be the top priority.

5. Love and Lust

Love and lust are very powerful emotions. These can distract us even from other things distracting us from Gods. Not just adolescents but even grown-ups are much engrossed in these. We’re either happy to be with someone or sad to lose someone. We are often too much distracted by thinking about someone we’re attracted to. Also, we’re busy caring about our family and that also a distraction. So these emotions are big distractors too.


God is the most prized possession of us all. We can’t ignore him for worldly things. Now that we’ve identified the biggest things distracting us from God, we need to improve. These things are necessary for life but not as much as God. Make sure you take out time to pray.