A method in which data is collected and then organising the data collected into meaningful and helpful information is Data Analysis. Data analysts examine the information embedded in the data using data analytics skills. Data analysts cross-checks, cleans, re-organises, and models the data for decision making in any business. Any data be it structured or unstructured, a data analysts can analyse the data at once in large volumes to analyse the mean and to break down a whole into smaller components to make it easier to examine each of them carefully and generate possible explanations for the same.

Data analysis has its roots into mathematical and programming abilities as bigger and moreĀ  companies generate massive data, especially, in the technological sector. Their importance in the field of statistics is also very crutial. Their expertise will come in handy to help with statistics homework. So many companies opt for a data analyst and also look for specific skills that a data analyst is expected to posses.

Analytical Skills


It is no secret that analytical skills are required and also are of huge importance in data analysis. Analytical skills refer to the ability to gather and analyse all forms of information in detail to make it easier to view all the challenges from every different perspective. This is a significant skill as it is required to make decisions about any possible outcomes in any forth-coming situation.

Numeracy Skills

Numeracy skills refers to having good knowledge about numbers. Also needs understand the relationship existing between numbers, interpret any mathematical information, organise information, be able to schedule, budgeting, be up to date with the trends, how to analyse and measure data, and also being able to work with graphical information, possess calculation skills, etc.

Technical and Computer Skills

Data analysts technical skills are important as it helps possess basic knowledge of statistics. Also being familiar with tools such as Python, Hive, Pig, Excel, Spark, etc., will help you be a better data analyst.

Attention to Details

Ability to pay attention to detail allows a data analyst finds a potential error and also attempt to solve the problem, and also make decisions which will eventually lower the risk of making errors.

Business Skills

You also need business skills such as decision making and problem-solving skills as it is the main crux of being a data analysis. It helps data analysthave the right for information and make decisions accordingly and solve any problem in the process.

Communication Skills


Data analysts require you to be an excellent communicator as you need to facilitate meetings, make requests and also be an active listener to make sure that the information can be put into good use. There are seven essential data analyst skills required:

  • Campaign management
  • An analytical and creative mind
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • Teamwork
  • Scripting and statistical language
  • Adobe and google analytics
  • Structured Query Language Programming ( SQL)