Looking for a ring for the prince of your dreams? Or do we have princes here looking out for wedding rings for themselves? Either way, this post is a tell-all about the metals which men prefer for wedding rings which you can get by visiting the mensweddingbands.com site. Read on for a detailed view:


Do we have any metal which beats the class and elegance of  Gold? Men love having that gold wedding band in their wrist too! For those who prefer less of bling, you can easily go for rose gold or white Gold, which slightly tone down the bling keeping the touch of Gold intact. While yellow Gold still stands at the top of the list, you also need to consider who can pull off what kind of gold ring. Yellow Gold is a classic that anyone can carry well, Rose Gold and White Gold are peculiar choices – make sure your partner would like something different if you’re heading for something other than Yellow Gold.

Gold Band


The rarest metal on earth (equally expensive), the rarity of platinum is what makes many people buy platinum jewellery. Especially as it signifies uniqueness and class, platinum wedding bands make a great choice. Whatever platinum is available out there in the form of jewellery consists 95% platinum. A luxury metal choice, it’s an excellent pick for your to-be-hubby as it can withstand the wear and tear caused by daily usage too.


A cheaper alternative as compared to its luxurious counterpart platinum; palladium is lesser durable than platinum. This is the perfect choice for those who are allergic to the rest of the metals. Also, it’s very light in weight and is something that you men could do with – as men usually don’t like heavy, blingy, jazzy stuff, you can head in straight for a no-fuss, easy-going, palladium ring.


Titanium is one option that’s getting increasingly popular –for men’s wedding bands. Light in weight but stronger than any of the metals mentioned above, titanium rings are particularly popular as they come in a lot of designs. Also, it’s easier to make intricate looking designs using titanium, which is why it is being preferred these days. This metal comes in silver-white, but you can choose classy black if you wish to stand out too!

There you go, men (or their partners!) – the best metals which you could go for when buying a  wedding ring! It’s best to go with something elegant, classy and sophisticated. Also, you should buy a design which is most relevant to you (and your partner) and can be easy to handle and maintain.