How school districts affect real estate prices?

Everybody knows that school districts play an important role when you’re looking to buy a home but nobody knows that how much does it actually affect. The National Association of Realtors conducted a research in 2014 where they figured out that the quality of the school district influenced the 29% of home buyers.

The matter of supply and demand plays an important role in increasing the value of a home. It is found in a research that for a home in a good school district you might have to pay $50 more per square foot. In fact, most of the home buyers prefer staying in some specific school district boundaries even if they find a smaller property there.

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Let’s take a look at why is it important to buy a home in a school district.

A better future for children

Whether you have children or not, you should consider buying a home in a school district because it’ll help you provide better education to your children and they’ll become successful in the future. If you buy a home away from a school district, you’ll be putting the career of your child at risk.

Education is essential in the present times and your children will not be able to succeed in their life without proper education. Education also helps your children learn the basic manners.

Ease and comfort

Buying a home in a school district will provide you the ease and comfort and it will save a lot of your time. You’ll not have to leave your home early in the morning to drop your children at their school. You can even send your children alone to the school if you’re living in a school district area.


A school district helps you save a lot of money on studies and on travel expenses. And it provides you long-term benefits. If you buy a house away from a school district, you might have to spend hundreds of dollars each month to drop your children at school.

So, buying a home in a school district will not only help set a better future for your children but it will also be a great opportunity for you to save a lot of money of traveling and other things. There are several other benefits of school districts that you can enjoy once you decide to live in the school district.

Christian quotes every parent should teach their kid

Christianity is one of the largest communities in the world. There are billions of Christians living around the world and they’re increasing every day. Jesus Christ came to the world for the sake of humanity and he preached his teachings to his followers.

Christianity provides proper guidance for each aspect of life. Being a parent, you should raise your child in a way that he may understand the purpose behind the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. You must teach your children Biblical verses and knowledge so that they may become an honest follower of Christianity.

There are several Christian quotes as well, that you can teach your children to help them understand the reality of Christianity. We’ve collected a list of inspirational quotes that you must teach your kids so that they may become pious in their life.

Children learn from your action

There is a quote in Christianity that relates that children learn from your actions not from your words. You should first adopt a habit and then preach it to your children otherwise, all your efforts and words will be useless. If you’re honest to your religion, your kids will also be the same.

Children are like presents of God

Another Christian quote relates that God has blessed us with a lot of presents in our life. Children are also a blessing and a present from God. Our happiness increases as we unwrap this present of God for years. As the child grows, we see different changes and unique characters in his personality and it makes us feel happy and thankful to God.

It also shows that how beautifully the God has created the world and what are the amazing characteristics he has put in us.

The Ark

A Christian quote says that if we and work earnestly for our children, they’ll be brought into the ark.

Child Training

If you develop a habit in your child in the childhood, it will not depart him till his death. It is always said that nature remains the same. You should bring your kids up in a way that they may become an honest person for the Christianity and for their country.

Teaching them the inspirational quotes is also included in this training, so you should keep a list of motivational quotes in your diary so that you may teach them the quotes as they grow up.

Best Examination Tips

Studying for an examination can honestly feel like trying to take over the world. Most of us dread writing exams but the fact of the matter is that these tests are what set us up for a bright future. In a nutshell, if you look at your studies and examination as a means to an end, you’ll most certainly begin to enjoy the challenge.

View your Exams as A Challenge

Imagine if you looked forward to your examinations. If taking tests felt extremely great simply because you welcome the challenge. This could be a complete game changer for a learner. Not only will you give it you’re A game, you’ll probably enjoy the process and most likely score the best results you ever have.  View your studies as something that you welcome – welcome the hard work and in turn, you can welcome the best results.

Studying is the actual physical process of learning. In order to do such, writing is a pivotal part to learning. One way of doing this is by summarizing each page you read.

It’s actually very simple:

Go through a page of notes, highlight the important facts.

Rewrite these facts on a page. Draw a spider diagram if you wish of these notes linking them together. Rewrite your notes of facts into one concise short
paragraph. This is the most effective method of summarizing which helps you learn and actually absorb the content that you summarized. Not only is this useful for studying, it’s perfect for studying before an exam. We can’t go through a thousand-page textbook and remember everything in it for an exam but we sure as hell can remember the short summaries we made. That’s correct, practice reading out loud.

Let the words you read register in your mind when reading out loud – this is an excellent technique for memory tactics and remembering definitions like they’re on the tip of your fingers. These are merely for your own use and not for the examination as such. It can become tedious writing the same terms over and over when you’re summarizing in which case, create acronyms for big concepts.
It will save you time that can be used for a lot more valuable studying.Think of this as a simple way of summarizing a summary and being able to call on big terms in the exam using the acronym you remember from writing in your notes.

Answer Question and Activities

An excellent way of gaging the amount of work you understand is by answering questions and activities. In general, these are afforded to you at the end of a study unit in your textbooks. Be sure to answer these questions on paper and not just in your head. If for some reasons a section is short on questions, formulate your own questions as you go along. Thumb cards are small rectangular shaped cards used for
making short notes. Infact, if you go onto your ‘Accessories ‘ folder in your computer you’ll find an application called sticky notes – this is a digital version of thumb cards that attach itself on your desktop.

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